Monday, December 14, 2009

Too Much Bias?

We wanted to make some clarifications regarding the nature of our blog. We recognize that some people have percieved it to be too one-sided. Our goal is not to spew political ideology nor promote any political belief. We simply seek to document what we have seen with our own two eyes on both sides of the conflict.

We understand that a majority of our readers are Jewish, and while many have already seen the Zionist side of the argument, it seems the Palestinian view has been overlooked. We wish to educate on Palestinian politics, culture, and hardships. We have not and will not distort any observations. But we cannot provide bad and good on both sides simply for the sake of remaining neutral. We are reporting on what we are seeing.

Due to the fact that much of our time is being spent in the West Bank, being amonst Palestinians, we will naturally represent the Palestinian view far more than the Israeli standpoint. Not to mention, having studied the conflict, we do support Palestinian freedom, independance, and justice for both sides of the conflict. Despite this, we do hope to visit Sderot and other areas that have regularly been victims of rocketfire from Gaza. We hope to visit settlements and see how they feel and where they are coming from. We hope to visit cities of coexistance, to see how two different peoples can flourish side-by-side in a land torn by conflict and division. All-in-all, we hope to give an accurate depiction of the politics here on the ground.

Of course, there is no better way to study the conflict than to come here for yourselves. Many fear travel to Palestine, though we have found the people to be friendly and the environment to be safe. I hope you will keep an open-mind and continue to read our observations, even if they do not necessarily coincide with your own views.

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